This course of higher technological education is focused on animal husbandry and the dairy supply chain and it is a 2-year course that lasts 2000 hours organized as follows:

  • 1000 learning hours (half of them during the 1st year and the other half during the 2nd year) including theoretical lessons, laboratory activities, visits to production companies and seminars with industry experts of the Agri-food sector; lectures will be held mainly at PTP Science Park in Lodi and at the partner companies.
  • 1000 hours of traineeship (half of them during the 1st year and the other half during the 2nd year) carried out in prestigious SMEs or large companies of the sector.

Access to courses is reserved to young people holding an upper secondary education certificate.

At the end of the course, after passing a final assessment of competencies and skills, students will receive the so-called “DIPLOMA DI TECNICO SUPERIORE RESPONSABILE DELLE PRODUZIONI E DELLE TRASFORMAZIONI AGRARIE, AGROALIMENTARI E AGROINDUSTRIALI”, an Advanced Technician Diploma as “ADVANCED TECHNICIAN RESPONSIBLE FOR AGRARIAN, AGRI-FOOD AND AGRO-INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTIONS AND TRANSFORMATIONS” corresponding to the EQF level 5, which is recognized by the Ministry of Education and effective at the National and European level.

According to their attendance, students will receive other certifications of competencies related to the regional framework of professional standards of Lombardy Region, to the health and safety legislation in the workplace and to the HACCP regulations.

Our Advanced Technician is able to:

  • Implement welfare of farmed animals;
  • Operate safely meeting all the hygienic requirements;
  • Manage all the work cycle;
  • Process milk;
  • Manage all the control procedures of machines and technological systems;
  • Assist in the product and process analysis;
  • Foster product and process innovation.