The training offer of Fondazione ITS Agrorisorse is composed by 2 different 2-year courses based on the 2 different abovementioned sectors, agri-food and tourism: the first one is called “PROCESSES OF TRANSFORMATION, MANAGEMENT AND ENHANCEMENT OF THE DAIRY SUPPLY CHAIN” and the second one is called “AGRICULTURAL, AGRI-FOOD AND AGRO-INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION AND PROCESSING – ENO-TOURISM SMART MANAGER”.

Both courses last 4 semesters for a total amount of 2000 hours organized as follows:

  • 1000 learning hours including theoretical lessons, laboratory activities, company visits and meetings with companies operating in the agri-food and tourism sectors;
  • 1000 hours of traineeship carried out in prestigious SMEs or large companies of the sector.

Access to courses is reserved to young people aged between 18 and 29 holding an upper secondary education certificate.

The majority of the professors of the courses come from the world of work and only a small fraction comes from the academic world; this is related to the fact that our courses are strongly oriented towards future careers and enable students to enter the labour market directly.

At the end of the course, after passing a final assessment of competencies and skills, students will receive the so-called “Diploma di Tecnico Superiore”, an Advanced Technician Diploma corresponding to the EQF level 5, which is recognized by the Ministry of Education and effective at the National and European level.